Conceptual Design for a New Typology of a Bookshop in Chengdu

‘Diligence is the path to the mountain of knowledge’.

The bookstore is located on the east river bank of the Xinglong Lake in Chengdu.  The building incorporates the flow of the traditional Chinese knot like an infinite loop which connects the roof, wall and floor together, diminishing the border between indoors and outdoors, and representing the unlimited knowledge that books can provide.

Thanks to the digitalisation of books, bookstores nowadays can store unlimited knowledge in a seemingly limited space. Furthermore, its role is not only for storing information, but also to provide a comfortable, spiritual environment for urban functions such as interaction and communication.

Lightweight fiberglass as the main material allows softened light to naturally illuminate the space; and a glass curtain wall is used at the public entrances and towards the lake, framing two transparent courtyards, blending the bookstore seamlessly with the landscape.