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Antepavilion 2021 shortlisted 

False Negative

We are honoured to be shortlisted by Antepavilion 2021! 

Our concept - False Negative, aims to be as nondescript as possible, as a simple screen-like hoarding, however aims to cause as much intrigue and conversation as possible. It does this by giving the illusion it is actively removing a sizeable chunk of the building. Although the act of removal could be perceived as destructive, brutal or harmful, the intended effect is ethereal and entrancing, as the carved volume seems to follow your eye from any angle. It is intended to encourage debate as to whether the installation does more harm than good, or vice versa.


Shanghai Opera House shortlisted


We are honoured to be shortlisted by Shanghai Opera House 2016!
This shortlisted proposal draws inspiration from the biological morphology of the helix shell- a dynamic enclosure containing a pearl-like centrepiece theatre within. The structure becomes in itself a musical instrument which resonates with the sea. The three relatively independent volumes are linked via a flowing, organic circulation of stairs and ramps, which can also be inhabited by the public.

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