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Architectural Design and Renovation

We provide full architectural design, including façade, interior, new build, renovation, and extension, throughout all design phases.
It usually starts with a feasibility study, to understand our client’s requirements and business plan, as well as the site and project appraisals.
This is followed by the conceptual design, which develops the client’s vision, outlines different design strategies and options, from where we can get input from all different interest groups, stakeholders, authorities and engineers.
It all consolidates into one or two of the most effective design solutions, which would be discussed and decided on with our client, from where it would be further developed within the design development phase, forming the basis for the planning application documentation and tender packages.
The documentations will be further detailed to technical drawings during technical design phase, with each architectural item  being specified, structural design being fully reviewed and calculated by specialists, as well as MEP items being finalised.
We have worked with experienced and well-crafted teams that could make your vision become a reality. We will inspect the site works during the key milestones to ensure all works have been done to the highest standard.

Feasibility Studies

An architectural feasibility study investigates and evaluates the potential of a site or building. It sets out a brief of the client’s requirements, the overall condition and significance of the site or building, as well as the constraints and opportunities.

We provide feasibility studies that are tailored to meet the Client’s needs and business plans. They can range from a relatively simple assessment to a complex review of different sites or buildings and their potential uses. Furthermore, they could form the initial part of the planning consultation, for the client to find out whether a proposed development is likely to be approved by the local planning authority, before substantial costs are incurred developing a detailed design.


Interior Design

We are experienced in interior design and offer a high level of attention to detail for each unique project. Our design will be based on a complete understanding of your requirements, your habit of living or your business plan, as well as any any constraints from both the site or the other stakeholders involved.

We will provide improvement in functionality and habitability by enhancing room layout, introducing more natural light, incorporating more suitable facilities for modern use or lift, and defining better organised spatial planning.  We can also design bespoke joinery, lighting, and selection of furniture or decorations, etc.

You are unlikely to be needing planning consent to carry out interior alterations, unless your building is listed, however it is best practice to check your lease agreement to be certain. We will provide assistance on this matter.

Planning Applications

A full planning application would be required for any material change in the use of any buildings or other land, such as the following:

  • A complete new building or development

  • Change of use of a building, for instance, residential to non-residential

  • Change of numbers of dwellings or extension

  • Exterior alteration of a building

  • Interior alteration for a listed building, which also triggers a separate planning application for listed building consent.

A full planning application requires detailed design to identify the new design or any alterations, including a site plan, supporting 2D and 3D drawings, visual images, material specifications, and MEP & structural feasibility reports and specifications.

Successful planning consent is expected within 8 to 13 weeks from the date of application, and would often come with minor conditions to be discharged later, such as reviewing the specified material samples before implementing them on site.

To maximise the chance of receiving planning consent, early engagement with all relevant stakeholders, interest groups, neighbours, as well as local planning authority officers is crucial, in order to understand all the requirements, constraints and possibilities, so that we can come to the most-effective design solution.


Planning Application for Listed Building Consent

If you would like to demolish, extend, or alter a listed building, you will need to apply for listed building consent, alongside a full planning application.

Please be aware that if your building or development lays in a ‘conservation area’, even without being a listed building itself, more measures need to be considered and advice from the local authority officers is invaluable to understand the extent of what can be done.

We will assist you on these matters, while highlighting the constraints and opportunities of the project, so that we can end up with a design solution that is tailored to the project and our client while respecting the context of the site.

Application for Building Control Consent

Acquiring Building Control Consent will involve appointing an Approved Inspector to authorise that both the drawings and site works comply with the Building Regulations.

To ensure the new development complies with the latest building regulations, such as energy consumption, fire resistance, structure, etc. an application for building control consent usually comes with or after the planning application.

We will advise you on necessary consultants and engineers that are tailored to your project and liaise with them throughout the design process, to ensure all aspects of the regulations are considered and incorporated within the coordinated design.


Technical Design

After the design has been approved by all relevant authorities, we can provide the technical design of the project, including technical drawings for tendering, visual images, specifications and schedules of the design items.

We can also design bespoke joinery tailored for the project, from furniture to lighting.

We have worked with experienced and skilled construction teams and craftsmen that could realise your vision.

Master-Planning and Urban Design

We could help you to appraise the site and development, understanding its constraints and potential, in order to put together an outline planning package.  

We would establish a strong communication channel with the local council to understand what could be done with the site to maximise its full potential, as well as optimise our chances of receiving an outline planning consent.


Art Installation, Pavilion, Exhibition Design

We also have experience in designing art installations, pavilion and exhibition design, for your home within any other development.

We have worked with experienced and skilled makers that can take your project from concept to reality.

For more information about the services we offer, feel free to contact us.

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